Kenny Schwing

Kenny Schwing, President & CEO, Liptak Dental Services

Mr. Schwing is a third-generation dental industry professional who has held executive positions at Sullivan Dental and Henry Schein, and most recently served as Regional Manager for the Midmark Corporation.

As someone who has worked in the dental industry for over 40 years, he is fascinated with how computer innovation is changing the industry and is anxious to put his years of experience to work in new technology. He has seen a lot of dramatic changes in the industry, but nothing can compare to how computer technology will revolutionize the dental industry in the coming years. "There have been so many changes, and there are many more to come," says Schwing.

When he was introduced to Liptak Dental Services, he was intrigued by the company's focus on dental. "I feel like I am such a good fit for the organization because my entire career has been dedicated to learning the dentists' needs and required improvements for their overall practices. I am intrigued that Liptak Dental offers the complete range of IT support that every dental office expects."

All of the Liptak IT professionals are thoroughly trained in dental, and the company conducts ongoing education to make sure everyone within the organization stays current with dental technology—from office networking and digital x-ray support to practice management software training. Liptak even offers an automated file backup solution that is ideal for dental.

Paul Hinman

Paul Hinman, Vice President-Technology, Liptak Dental Services

Paul has been performing and managing network support as an on-site consultant in San Diego for 10 years. Before the challenges of managing client expectations in California, Paul gained in-house experience at some high-demand organizations including Harvard Medical School and General Electric Corporate.

As a consultant in the field, Paul has managed the complete IT landscape for hundreds of small- to medium-sized businesses in California. Paul has been exposed to and managed every aspect of IT infrastructure at a wide variety of businesses. Some of these challenges include managing website projects, coordinating vendors, planning server expansion and integration, and advanced email systems. He was also involved in testing high-volume manufacturing controls, warehouse delivery and production systems, and managing basic daily support requests and maintenance — all totaling $Ms in equipment acquisition and deployment.

What he learned is that technology will come and go very quickly, so it is the user who must capture the focus for both the provider and client to be successful in their partnership. Whether it is an aggressive law firm, new-age outdoor clothing manufacturer, industrial electronics manufacturer, or even an exploratory ocean floor radar mapping corporation — all the clients in Paul's history have contributed to the technology standards and client focus of Liptak Dental.

In addition to being an employee at various IT consulting firms over the years, he has also spent time as a managing partner and an independent consultant. Incorporating these perspectives into the Liptak model helps the company grow into new markets by leveraging the available IT resources and talent waiting to be discovered there.

This experience supporting multi-server, database-driven environments has often highlighted the glaring lack of professional IT support and standards in the dental market. Doing a better job than your client is used to experiencing is one of the great rewards of this industry for Liptak. Most of the server features and safety measures the average American business takes for granted as 'standard' are just beginning to be understood in dental. Paul and Liptak Dental believe that dental practices deserve just as much computer performance, data security, and business survivability as every other small business receives. This is part of the story behind Liptak Dental's educational approach to computer consulting. They will sit down with anyone who will listen to discuss how things can be done better and how your systems can become reliable.

Paul has been awarded the role of Clinical 360 Team Member at Dental Products Report magazine. Drawing upon the entire team for publishable content is part of the weekly process at Liptak. This aligns perfectly with the goal of educating and consulting with as wide an audience as possible to help raise the bar in dental IT.

With the help of industry and personal connections and marketing strategies, Liptak approached the dental vertical full-bore 3 years ago. Paul knew that this concept would need to be packaged and franchised since day one, so all of the experiences and documentation have been geared towards building this into a saleable franchise offering. It takes unbiased and customer-focused advice to create long-lasting IT support value. That is the mission here at Liptak.

Joe Hayes

Why the name Liptak?

The name of the company was created to honor a close friend, Greg Liptak Jr. He was incredibly optimistic, athletic, and fun to be around. He was an avid skier, golfer, and surfer. It was Greg's idea to start franchising a new concept where we would provide local computer service for dental offices. We never settled on a name for the company. In November of 2007, we learned Greg had colon cancer that spread throughout his body.

Greg put up a valiant fight with the cancer. His main weapon was a strong sense of humor, and an incredibly optimistic outlook on life. He received one bit of bad news after another and always kept his head up. When asked what the chemo was like, he jokingly said "imagine the pain of listening to one of your training sessions and multiply it by 20!".

Greg passed away in January 2008 at the age of 37. We learned an incredible amount about life and how to handle death with selfless dignity while watching him go through that experience. It made a huge impact on us as well as the rest of the army of friends who were also very close to him. We are grateful for the time we got to spend with Greg, his positive influence, and the memories that will last a lifetime.

We would like to acknowledge Greg's parents Greg Sr. and Stevie who gave the blessing to use the Liptak name. They are incredible people and have put a non-profit organization together named Greg's Cancer Foundation ( to create awareness for early detection of colon cancer among young males. Liptak Dental will be donating 10 percent of all pre-tax profits to the foundation.

In closing, we chose the Liptak name to honor Greg. We also chose the name to remind ourselves and friends and family in this business about what is really important and to put things in perspective when we think we may be having challenges in our lives.

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