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Liptak Digital Services is not your ordinary franchise. Can you think of a better place to be in today's economy than in the medical and dental field? Add computer and network support to the equation, and you have a recession-proof business. Liptak Digital Services works specifically with dentists (all types). We are essentially a one-stop technology shop. Our services include; computer and network support, dental software training for the entire office staff and a HIPAA-compliant backup service. If you aren't technical—don't worry—we offer a franchise model that doesn't require a computer background. Many of our franchisees don't come from an IT background. Our ideal candidate is a business-savvy individual with at least 5 years of management-level experience who is looking for an opportunity in a recession-proof, high-demand industry with unlimited growth potential, and minimal competition. We offer comprehensive support and training, and our staff has a combined 80+ years in the dental industry. Check the Franchise Marketing Machine to learn how much we do to help you build your exclusive territory (800 registered dentists). Read our Q&A section to learn more.

Q & A

Q: Why a dental IT franchise?

A: Right now in the dental industry there is a massive digital migration occurring. At present, 30% of dentists are using digital x-ray. That number is expected to grow to a full 100% within five years. What this means is that dentally trained computer consultants are in high demand. We train our consultants on all facets of dental technology including; imaging software, digital x-ray, intra-oral cameras, sensors and more. As a dentist, you want to know that the IT professional that you work with has a working knowledge of dental technology, and the lingo that goes with it.

Q: Do I need a computer or a dental background to be considered as a franchisee?

A: Many of our franchisees don't have any dental or computer experience. This isn't a problem as we train on both. As a franchisee, you are not out in the field performing the day-to-day computer consulting for the dentist.

Q: What makes Liptak Digital Services different from other IT franchises?

A: First of all, we only work with dentists. Working in a niche market with very little competition is much more attractive than competing with thousands of other companies that only deal with general business computer support. In addition, we are politically connected in the industry. We have over 80 years combined experience working in the dental community. You will not find another franchise that works specifically with dentists providing computer and network support.

Q: What services do you offer?

A:In addition to computer and network support, we also offer a HIPAA-compliant backup product. Storing patient data offsite is more important than ever when considering problems like identity theft, and disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of paper files were lost because of Katrina. When the paper files are lost, the dental office almost always goes out of business. You are paid a commission to sell the backup service. We also offer free practice management software training through our "dental academy". All dentists use some type of practice management software on a daily basis. You can read more about the Liptak Dental Academy by visiting our customer site at Our training courses are offered weekly via webinar, and at a time that is convenient for the dentist and staff. This service has been so well-received that we have to continually hire professional software trainers to keep up with the demand.

Q: Why don't I just open a startup business and offer the same services?

A: You could certainly try, but it would be difficult to succeed in an industry that is so tight-knit. It's tough for "outsiders" to break in to the community. More importantly, we save you countless hours by screening hundreds of applicants to find the very best IT consultants, and software trainers. We usually start with 250 to 300 applicants just for the computer consulting positions, and after the interview process it's unusual for us to provide you with more than 10 candidates. We go through the same rigorous process to screen and hire the practice management software trainers. The goal is to save you time allowing you to build the business.

Q: What is the investment level?

A: The cost for a Liptak Digital franchise with a protected territory of 800 registered dentists is $49,500. We do not charge a royalty for the first 120 days. Immediately after training we begin to help you build your territory by implementing proven marketing strategies that we have used in 85 different markets around the world.

Q: What is the next step?

A: You can arrange for a webinar presentation by calling 877-LIPTAK1. After the webinar, we typically schedule a brief phone interview with the President of our company, Paul Hinman. If both parties feel comfortable, we will invite you to join us at our corporate office in Carlsbad, California for a one-day orientation. Think of the orientation as a "get to know you" day. If we determine that this is a good fit, agreements are executed, and the training process begins the next day.

Q: I have an IT background and want to understand the difference between an "owner-operated" versus this franchise model?

A: The "Owner-Operated" model is exclusively designated for those that have the IT background and can perform the service calls themselves. This is ideal for the consultant that is tired of the rat race; tired of doing this for someone else yet not seeing the financial payoff. This franchise model is limited to 450 registered dentists (plenty for one individual). Our latest model was designed for someone that is business savvy with at least 5 years of management level experience. A computer background is not necessary. Those franchisees that fit this newer model will hire consultants to work for them (we do the screening). Although others are performing the IT service the franchise owner will develop the clientele and maintain the relationship with frequent follow-up. Excellent customer service skills are necessary as this is a referral-based industry. With the capability of serving more clients with your IT consultants, this model allows for a franchise territory of 800 registered dentists. It is possible for a "technical" franchise candidate to be considered for the newer franchise model if he/she would like the opportunity to develop a larger territory.

Q: How do I take the next step?

A: Because of our excellent reputation within the dental community, we are selective about who we bring in as a long-term partner. If you have experience as an on-site IT consultant supporting business-class networks, then you are halfway there. As mentioned previously, the dental industry is a relationship oriented business so it is paramount that our franchisees have excellent people skills and uncompromising integrity; referrals play a big role in growing your business. Part of the qualification process includes a phone interview with our IT Director to assess your general knowledge and experience. We are not looking for service techs, we only consider consultants so past business network consulting experience is mandatory.

Franchise Training and Support

We offer one week of training at corporate headquarters, including field and classroom training, followed by onsite training and set-up. More importantly, we connect you with a regional partner who will train with you in the field initially, and will support you with business leads and consultation on an ongoing basis.

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